250 gm plain Flour

10 Egg yolks

1/2 kg Sugar

2 Coconuts thick juice

200 gm Ghee

1/4 Nutmeg pwd

Pinch of Salt

Caramel sugar syrup 1/2 cup

Take Coconut milk, add little Salt and Sugar, Nutmeg pwd. and mix it with hand mixer.Then add little the Flour (1 spoon ) at a time and 2 Yolks at a time mix it well.Divide the Batter into 2 bowls one can have little more than other.Add Caramel sugar syrup to the one which is less.
Heat 2 spoons of Ghee to a flat baking utensil on the gas, once the Ghee is hot add 1 1/2 cup of White batter and keep till it gets little brown down,then put it in the oven under griller till it bakes on top, then take it out,add little Ghee on top then add 1 cup or little more of Dark batter till it covers and put under the griller again bake it. Repeat the layers till the batter is used.Let the last layer be the Dark layer.When all is done keep it out to cool.When you are turning make it hot on the gas so that it moves and turn upside down.
Happy baking


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