Chow Chow


1 Pack of Egg noodles or Spaghetti

1 Small bunch Spring onions(Stem and green chopped separately)

5 Cloves garlic sliced finely lengthwise

1 Cup Bacon chopped into small cubes/ Cocktail sausages
1 Cup Fresh Shrimps cleaned

15 French beans cut into fine juliennes

1 Small Carrot peeled and cut into fine juliennes

1Tsp Pepper pwd
3 Tbsp Olive oil/ Cooking oil
1 Tbsp Dark Soya sauce
1 Tbsp Hot Chilly sauce
1 Maggie cube crushed
Salt as per taste


In a cooking utensil, boil the Noodles with water,1Tbsp Oil and little salt.

Once boiled strain the Noodles

Keep aside the stock for later use.

Soak the Noodles in cold water to keep them moist.
In a big Wok/Frying pan heat the remaining 2Tbsp oil. Add the Bacon/Cocktail sausages, Garlic, Chopped stems of Spring onion, Carrot, French beans and stir fry for 5 mins.

Now add the Prawns,Pepper pwd and fry for another 2 mins.

Add the Noodles without the water, Soya and Hot Chilly sauce, Crushed Maggie cube ,3 Tbsp of the Stock that was kept aside and Salt as per taste. Stir fry the whole lot till done. Garnish with the chopped Green of the Spring Onion and ready to serve.