Beef Mince Cutlets


500 Gms Beef mince

1 Medium onion chopped fine

1/2 Cup fresh coriander chopped fine

2 Tbsp green masala

Green masala recipe:

2 Tsp Jeerem meerem pwd

Jeere Meerem masala:
100 gm Jeera
100 gm  Pepper corns
25gms cloves
25 gms cinammon
50gms Tumeric
Grind all to a fine powder .

1 Tbsp coconut vinegar

Salt as per taste

Oil as required for shallow frying

Mixture of Semolina, breadcrumbs and rice flour 2 Tbsp each.

1 Egg beaten


Marinate the beef mince with the onion, coriander, green masala, Jeerem meerem pwd, vinegar and salt for 1/2 hour.

Make around 10 to 12 balls of the mince as shown below

Shape the mince balls into cutlets as shown below

Refrigerate the cutlets for 1/2 hour so they set. Then dip the cutlets one at a time in the egg and coat them with the Semolina mix.

Heat enough oil in a pan and shallow fry the beef cutlets on Medium heat. Flip them over after 4 mins and fry for another 4 minutes and its done.

Place them on a Paper towel to drain the excess oil and its ready to serve.