Tisreos(Clams) in Goan-Portuguese style



1/2 Kg  Fresh Tisreos(Clams)

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

5 Fresh Garlic Cloves chopped fine

1 Tbsp Coriander stems chopped fine

3 Green chillies chopped fine

2 Tbsp White wine

1 Tbsp Dry red chilly flakes

1 Tbsp Fresh Coriander leaves chopped fine.

Salt as per taste.


Wash and Clean the Tisreos and keep aside .

In a pan heat the Olive oil,and add the Garlic,Green chillies and Coriander stems and fry for a minute.

Now add the Tisreos and salt and stir fry for another min.

Add the White wine and close the pan with a lid and let it simmer on low flame till the Tisreos(Clams) are cooked.

Add the Red chilly flakes and give it a gentle stir.

Garnish with Coriander leaves.


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