Beef Stew


1/2 kg Beef and 1/2 kg Pork
2 Medium Potatoes
3 Medium Carrots
1/4kg French Beans
3/4 Cup Green Peas
Half boil the Carrots, Beans and Peas.
Part boil the Potatoes separately.
Make sure not to overcook the Veggies.
Cut Beef and Pork into fine pieces and marinate with Vinegar, Salt, Tumeric powder, Mutton masala or Garam masala,and 1Tbsp Ginger/garlic paste for an hour.
Boil the Meats with little Water for 1/2 hr or till Meat is tender.
Now in a Cooking vessel saute 2 Medium Romatoes, 2 Medium Onions, 5 Red Kashmiri chilies,1tspn Cumin powder, 5 Cloves 1/2 inch piece of Cinammon and 2 Tbsp Ghee.
Let the Onions turn brown then add the Meats without the stock. Keep aside the stock for later. Check to see if you need to add little Mutton masala or Garam masala for taste. Also check for Vinegar and needed can add a Maggi cube at this stage.
Now add 1 1/2 Tbsp Milk.
Mix the boiled Veggies and add the stock bit by bit from the Meats coz we don’t want this to be a curry.
In a Separate pot boil Water first then add a handful of Macaroni preferably elbow shaped and little Oil to keep them crisp.Once Macaroni is boiled rinse the hot Water and add cold Water to the Macaroni and keep aside for sometime.
Now add the Macaroni to the Stew and serve with Kadak Pav or Pulav.


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