Beef Chilly Fry


1 kg Diced beef
1 Tsp Tumeric pwd
1 Tsp Chilli pwd
1/2tTsp Pepper pwd
2 Tbsp Jeere Meerem pwd
1 Tbsp Vinegar or Lime juice
Salt as per taste
Marinate the Beef with the above ingredients for an hour.


Jeere Meerem masala:
100 gm Cumin seeds
100 gm Pepper corns
25gms Cloves
25 gms Cinammon sticks
50gms Tumeric pwd
Grind all to a fine powder .

Pressure cook or boil the Marinated Beef with very little Water till tender.
Remember we need this dish dry.


Other Ingredients:
2 Medium Onions cut length wise
2 Medium Tomatoes diced
5 Green Chillies cut on an angle
1/2 Green Capsicum sliced
1/4 cup of Fresh Coriander stems cut fine
1/2 Tsp Cracked Pepper


Heat 2 Tbsn of Oil in a pan or wok and fry the above for a minute.

20200508_202258 20200508_202243

Now add the cooked Beef and stir fry for another min checking for Salt and Vinegar.

Turn off the flame and garnish with fresh Coriander and Deep fried Potato cubes.




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